Policy & Regulations

  • Our mission is to enhance safety and life in our schools by establishing nurturing relationships with students, staff and guests. This page highlights our safety-related polices. Each policy and procedure provides answers to the questions listed below its topic:

    3207 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)


    • What is HIB?
    • What are our commitments to stopping HIB?
    • Who do you tell if you see HIB?
    • What do you do and how do you complain if somebody is harassing, intimidating or bullying?
    • What happens after you complain?

    3210 Nondiscrimination


    • What are our commitments to equal education opportunity for students?
    • Types of discrimination defined.
    • What do you do and how do you complain about discrimination?
    • What happens after you complain?

    3240 Student Behavior

    365体育平台  • 

    • What are our commitments and values related to being responsible, respectful and safe at school?
    • What are the rules for conduct?
    • What are restorative practices – in other words, how do we fix harm?
    • What happens when rules aren’t followed?
    • How can you plead your case if you receive correction or discipline?
    • What are the bus rules?
    • What is the process for reentry after serving a suspension?

    3246 Restraint, Isolation, Use of Force

    365体育平台  • 

    • What are our values and responsibilities related to students’ need to be free from unreasonable restraint, isolation and force?
    • When are these actions reasonable – that is, when they can/can’t be used?
    • What do you do and how do you complain if you think these actions weren’t right or fair?

    6514 District and Campus Safety


    • How do I file a complaint about a Campus Resource Officer?
    • What are some de-escalation tactics and when are they used?
    • How do officers determine reasonableness of force?
    • What are acceptable restraint devices?
student and police officer smiling